What Training Do Technicians Need to Become Professional Duct Cleaners?

Learn what training is needed to become a professional duct cleaner from our NADCA certified air duct cleaning technicians. Get private classes from our experts and become a member of NADCA.

What Training Do Technicians Need to Become Professional Duct Cleaners?

If you're looking to become a professional duct cleaner, you need to have the right training. CMA certification recipients have advanced knowledge in the areas of water, mold, and respiratory protection. They must pass a state-approved exam in order to be certified. Our NADCA certified air duct cleaning technicians offer private classes to help you get the training you need.

We have all the necessary equipment, including electric vacuum trucks, gas-powered laptops, and electric laptops with HEPA filters. At our certified air duct cleaning experts, you can learn from the best while participating in real projects. Before hiring a commercial duct cleaning service, it's essential to ask the seller a few questions and make sure they are NADCA certified. To be successful in this field, it is essential that air duct cleaning technicians have comprehensive training. Therefore, if you want to legally work as a duct cleaning technician, you need to get your license. The job is often the first step to a career as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technician.

Professional air duct cleaning services can help remove all the buildup from your system and leave it smelling fresh. There are no formal requirements to work as a duct cleaner, but you must have customer service experience, be physically fit, and comfortable working in tight or confined spaces. Being a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates. The VMT program consists of five modules that cover topics such as HVAC ducts and access openings, basic safety, containment, cleaning methods, and equipment. All NADCA members must have on their staff a certified air system cleaning specialist (ASCS) who has taken and passed the NADCA certification exam.

NADCA trainers have extensive experience and know what it takes to be highly successful in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system cleaning industry. To demonstrate to customers that your air duct cleaning technicians are the most trained and experienced out there, you must be a member of NADCA. This will help you gain potential customers and even retain your loyal customer base.

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